Opet.Ru is a registered privately-owned oil and gas firm with a long-standing reputation for excellence. We offer the best energy services in the oil and gas industry and have a strong relationship with safety professionals in Russia.

We are oil trader and specializes in the acquisition and marketing of oil and gas products. With a long-term and fruitful cooperation with the largest producers of petroleum products allows us to create optimal conditions for the supply and sale of fuels and lubricants for consumers.

Our Mission and Vision
Our mission is to become a leader on the Russian and International supplier market in oil products sales using its own tanfarm and fleet. We were created with a vision for long-term business growth and increasing our Company's profitability.

The main Advantages of the Company

  • + The absence of unnecessary intermediaries, which allows us to offer our customers competitive prices and ensure optimal delivery conditions;
  • + Individual approach to each consumer, provision of various forms of payment - advance payment, letter of credit, deferred payment, etc.;
  • + Compliance with agreements is an important and especially serious matter; long-term partnerships and each client are valued here.

Our Main Activities

The main activity of OPET.RU LLC is the sale and delivery of high-quality, seasonal, environmentally friendly diesel fuel, oil, heating oil and gas condensate that meets all climatic conditions and current GOST and TU standards and confirmed quality certificates for the needs of our customers.

Sale of Products

The main activity of Opet.Ru is the sale and supply of various oil and petroleum products - Heavy and Light Oil Products.

Storage Activities

Our storage facilities comprises of modern equipment for handling and storing petroleum products.

Shipping & Transportation

Transportation by trucks, rails, barges and/or vessels is one of the key elements in the supply chain of our logistics process.

Supply of Metals

Opet.Ru is a leader in the supply of metal ore and scrap such as Aluminium Ingot, Copper, metal scraps and so on.


Opet.Ru performs sales and marketing of verious petroleum products and metals produced in Russia.

Risk Management

We bring high standards of risk management and operational excellence to our customers while maintaining controls.

Products Handled

All Light Crude Oil Refined Products Oil & Metals

Social Responsibility

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